..Marina Tsvetaeva

Nobody loves her?
An Introduction

Her Poems in Translation

Tsvetaeva's Life
The Vagaries of her Russian Soul


1892 – 1912


1911 - 1916

Sofia Parnok

1914 -1916

Petrograd and Mandelstam


Alya-The Hunger Years

1918 - 1920

Berlin and Prague

1922 – 1925

The Summer of St. Gilles-sur-Vie, France


The Lure of Russia, Paris

1925 - 1939

The End: Return to the USSR

1939 - 1941

Marina Tsvetaeva's Natal Astrological Profile
Prepared by Astrodienst, Zürich


Sources and References

Translating Tsvetaeva : The Method

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