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Dale Chihuly


Glass on Fire

A Cornucopia of His Pieces Created
between 1977 and

Individual Pieces


In 2004-05 Chihuly had two exhibitions in Los Angeles, at the Louver Gallery and at Pepperdine. Barbara saw both and was so excited that she took her granddaughter Jenny to Pepperdine a second time. I was occupied and gave Jenny my camera to take some pictures that would convince me to see the exhibition myself. Her photographs were such a fiery riot of colors that I not only made a visit to Pepperdine, but spent several weeks thoroughly exploring Chihuly's old website.

From this search come the images of this collection, which I have never produced on my website before. Since then Chihuly's company completely reprogrammed his website, by which I lost all references to these photographs. I present now the images I had on my harddrive without subtitles or references except in the few cases, which appear on his new website.

The excuse for belatedly producing these images on my personal website is that a number of my friends have still not heard of Chihuly or seen his extraordinary creations. These pages are dedicated to Barbara and Jenny.

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