The Environs of Rome

Rome is surrounded by beautiful country which is rarely visited by tourist. By renting a car one can easily spend a week and visit the picturesque hill towns of Sabina, the lakes and Papal villas of the Albanian mountains, the Etruscan Necropolis of Cerveteri and in the Southern Toscana the even more interesting Necropolis of Tarquina and Niki de Saint Phalle's Giardino dei Tarocchi. There are several more villas with extensive parks in Lazio, hot springs near Viterbo, and volcanic lakes on the way.

Instead of writing a long description of the places I found interesting, I mapped them on four regular, interactive Gooogle Maps. The place markers are not as beautiful as on Google-Earth, but you can always open up my GE-Map of the Environs of Rome.

The Hilltowns of Sabina
Google-Map 1

Between Lakes Bracciano and Bolsena
Google-Map 2

The Etruscan Necropoli
Google-Map 3

The Albanan Hills South of Rome
Google-Map 4

An here is the satellite-map of the Environs of Rome for the Google-Earth program on your hard disk:
GE-Map of the Environs of Rome