Videos from the Internet

1. Interview with Gerhard Richter

In English and German, 2008
(one of the most revealing videos on and by Richter)

you-tube video, 7.33 min

2. Paintings from Private Collections

Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden, 2008
(shows the art crowd in the newest museum in Germany)

you-tube video, 6 min

3. Retrospective 1963 - 2007

National Museum of Art, Beijing, May-June 2009
( First solo exhibition of a modern European painter in China)

quicktime video, 8 min

4. Gerhard Richter : Large Abstracts

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Oct. 2008- Feb. 2009
narrated in English by Curator Ulrich Wilmes
(unfortunately the images are not sharp,
the commentary unenlightening)

you-tube video, 5 min