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Konrad and Alexandra

Konrad and Alexandra. A historical novel taking place in Georgia, Russia, Italy, and Germany betwwen 1898 and 1989

The Life and Times of Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch's life reconstructed from his paintings.
Illustrated with 55 annotated color reproductions of his work.

The Snowdancer

A Modern Tibetan love story in three Tantric (Dzogchen) parables in Western guise for adults

Mount Athos - The Garden of the Virgin

A Pilgrimage to Medieval Greece. With 15 drawings and lino-prints by the author

Defying the Cold War

Contemplations on eight extended visits to the USSR as physicist

Tibet Beyond Mount Kailas

The illustrate journal of a journey to the end of the world, 1995

The Return of the Monkey King

Traveling solo in China in 1983 with many adventures.