.......PDF-Versions of Illustrated Texts

The Tavels of Ibn Battuta Illustrated

The 14 books of Battuta's “Rihla” in pdf-format illustrated with numerous internet photos. The perfect source for a college project! New 2011

History of Indian Art and Architecture

A Comprehensive Illustrated History of the Art and Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent New 2011

The Odyssey

For Cornelius and his Homeric children. Samuel Butler's translation edited and illustrated with contemporary Greek paintings

Marina Tsvetaeva, Her Life in Poems

A new biography of the greatest Russian poet of the 20th century, illustrated with photographs from her life

Marina Tsvetaeva's Poems Bilingual

75 of Marina Tsvetaeva's poems in a literal translation, Russian-English

Synchronology of China, Central Asia, and Europe

Historical time-lines from the Chinese perspective

Buddhas and Mandalas

Glossary of Tibetan/Sanscrit Terms and an Introduction to the Arts of Tibet, 1994/98

Alchi and Hemis, HTML

A Guide to the Buddhist Murals of Alchi and the Dances at Hemis in Ladakh, India

Die kleinen Schätze Schwabens, HTML

A Guide to the Treasures of Southern Germany (in German) 1996

Google-Earth Posts - maps, itineraries, pictures

Compilation of 33 lavishly illustrated kmz-files for Google Earth.
You need to have the GE-program on your hard disc to open the links.