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The Red Square

 The Red Square is really blue on a very early Sunday morning in 1977


The Kreml



 Bell Tower and Ivan Velikhi (1505-08)


Church of Deposition of Mary's Robe (1484-85) and the domes of the three Terem churches in the Imperial Palace 


Church of Mary's Annunciation (Blagoveshchenskii Sobor) (1484-89) and the Granovitaya Palace 


This and the following pictures were taken on my last visit to Moscow in 1989 during the magical fifteen minutes of a sunset below a huge black cloud. The color of the light changed from blue and pink to yellow and green as the sun disappeared in a narrow opening above the horizon.  


The domes of the Terem Churches (1635-36) 




 Church of the Annunciation (1484-89)




 Eventually the light became too low, only the golden roofs continued to glow....


Ivan Velikhi and the Italianate front of the Archangel Cathedral


The dome of the Archangel Cathedral (1505-08 by Italian architects)


The Kreml and St. Vasil;ius Cathedral from the Hotel Rossiya, 1976. 


Reflections in the Lobby of Gostinitsa Rossiya, this Picture is also known a PECTOPAH. (1976)


Mary-Protection-Cathedral-at-the-moat ("Sobor Prokov sto-na-rvu" or Vasili-Blashenny-Cathedral) (1555-61) also known as Basilius-Cathedral. Before the restoration in 1980.

 Basilius Cathedral and the Red Star on the Redeemer Gate!, 1976


 The Imperial Palace (Bolshoi Kremeloyovkii Dvorets) (1838-39) from the Moskva


 Kreml wall and the tower near the Historical Museum. The windows of Lenin's apartments.


A mod wedding party deposited flowers at Lenin's Mausoleum.... (1977)

Troitsky Gate through which the Soviet government entered every day the reason for the red lights. 


Spasski (Redeemer) Gate, the heavily guarded main public entrance to the Kreml..


People in front of Hotel Metropole where I stayed in 1976


Nikolai-Church "v Chamovnikakh" (1679-82)

(Known in 1980 as "Komsomolskaya Cherkov, a working church!") Chamovniki was the district of the linen weavers

The startling viewof the freshly painted church (year of the Olympics! 1980) when one exited from the Komsomolskii Metro Station. 








Novodeviche Convent

 View of the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother-of-God of Smolensk from the entrance to Novodeviche


Church of Christi Transfiguration (Preobashcheniye) over the Gate (1687-89) in Spring 1977


Smolensk Cathedral (1524-25) and the Refectory 

 The quintessential "Mother Church" three domes of the Smolensk Cathedral


Eastern wall of the Smolensk Cathedral and a "chörten" of some saint.... 


Russia abstract Smolensk Cathedral




 Reflection in one of the many puddles in Russia Mary Dormition Cathedral in the Refectory


 Mary Dormition Cathedral (1685-87). This church was also known as "winter church," it can be heated!


Novospasski Monastery

Novospasski Monastery from the Moskva  


 Definitely off-limits to tourists


Reconstruction yard 1977. Christ Redeemer Cathedral (1640-42) Once the burial Church of the Romanovs.


 The "Holy Face" above the entry (late 18th cent?)


Donskaya Monastery

 New Cathedral (1684)




 Tichwin Gate Church (1713-14)


 Old Cathedral (1673-78 on order of Boris Gudonov)


Women coming from Pentecost(?) service in the Old Cathedral 


Church of the Holy Trinity "v Nikitinikakh" 

 Trinity Church (1628-51). In the Background the high-rise building of the ZK of KPSSSR !



 Church of the Birth of the Virgin (1407) in the Monastery of Sv. Sabbatios. Three remnant panels of the Rubleyov iconostasis are now in the Tretyakov Galery, frescoes by his school. I have never seen the inside, it was accessible only to Intourist "gruppa"

Church of the Birth of the Virgin from the east.



Church of the Icon of the Mother-of-God of Kazan (17th century)


Church of Christi Ascension (~1533 by foreign architects)


 1980 Mass Christening of newborn infants

Andronikov Monastery

 Church of the Redeemer (1410-27 or later)


 Entry Gate and Archangel Michael Church (1694-1739)


 Rubleyov Museum


Icons from the Rubelyov Museum

All photos of these icons are taken by me (don't ask how). They were photographed without flash, freehand on Kodachrome-64, they are therefore often less than sharp and sometimes the colors may be off but most available reproductions are worse. So, I included all I have, a rather personal collection.

Christ in the Mandorla and Prophets Daniel, David and Solomon from the center of an iconostasis, Novgorod School, (~1480) 


John Prodromos. A small icon very dear to me, but nowhere reproduced and never seen again.  


 Crucifixion, found no details


 Hagiographical Icon, Found no details


 Archangel Michael?, found no details


Old Testament Trinity, Moscow School? late 15th cent?), found no details 


 Detail of the Nativity of the Virgin, Stroganov Scool, (~1620), 106x120 cm


  Detail of the Nativity of the Virgin, Stroganov Scool, (~1620), 106x120 cm



  Detail of the Nativity of the Virgin, Stroganov Scool, (~1620), 106x120 cm



  Detail of the Nativity of the Virgin, Stroganov School, (~1620), 106x120 cm


Icons from the Tretyakov Galery

S. George, (Novgorod?, ~early 15th cent?), found no details



Rubelyov, The Redeemer, from the deesistier of Svenigorod, (1410-20), 158x106 cm 


Rubleyov,  S. Paul from the Deesis tier of Svenigorod, (1410-20) 160x109 cm


Rubelyov, Archangel Michael from the deesis tier of Svenigorod, (141-20), 158x108 cm 


Workshop of Dionisy, Crucifixion, (~1500), 85x52cm 


Crucifixon, I found no deatails  


Madonna Hodgitria (~1430), Moscow School, from the Usspenskii  Cathedral in Dimitrov, 43x31 cm


Rubelyov and/or workshop.  John the Baptist Prodromos (Predetsa) (~1430) from the Deesis of the Niloko-Peshnovskii Monastery near Dmitrov (restored)


 Rubelyov, John the Baptist, from the iconostasis of the Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir, (1408), 313x105 cm


 School of Rubelyov, Transfiguration, (~1425), 31x25 cm


Rubleyov,  Old Testament Trinity from Zagorsk (the famous original!) (~1411) 142x114 cm


 Moscow October !980 with Barbara and Cornelius

Moscow, a woman tending her grandchild under the a Vogelbeerbaum (towan tree) below our window in the Academy Hotel


Moscow in the Andropov Year of 1984

Genya Kudriavtsev at home, and...


...his wife Zoya preparing supper in her kitchen

That year I flew to Novosibirsk for a conference, where I met Noemi Kempe and other friends from East Berlin.

Novosobirsk in fron of the Academy Hotel in Akadem Gorodok: Peter from Heidelberg, Yelena Sisakian from Moscow, and Robert from Los Alamos, the names of the others (physicists from Russia) I have forgotten.

The Siberia woman: Tanya, the daughter of a Siberian Academician. on Lake Ob


The two maps that follow are photographs and are only marginally sharp, I tried my best.

Map of Mocow 1977 Click to enlarge


Map of the Golden Ring 1977 Click to enlarge