Buddhism in India

Vajrayana Buddhism
5th - 12th cent AD

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Vajrayana Buddhism

Lalitgiri, Orissa, Buddhist Site
1st -12th cent AD

Lalitgiri (also known as Naltigiri) is the oldest Buddhist complex of the triad Ratnagiri Udayagiri. The site is now part of Puspagiri University. Excavations by the A.S.I. have been conducted since 1985. So far four monastic buildings have been located on the site, which was occupied by Buddhists from the first century AD to the 12th Century spanning Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajyarana communities. There appears to have been a lively connection to Buddhist Southeast Asia

The 2nd cent BC stupa
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An 8th cent Burmese-influenced Buddha head.
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A late 12th cent Burmese?-influenced Vajrayana Buddha.
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Ratnagiri, Orissa, Vajrayana Buddhist Site
7th - 11th cent AD

Ratnagiri, the a Buddhist university. On the top of the hill is the foundation of a stupa. There is no temple but there is two monasteries. The larger one, built in bricks has Gupta- style Buddha statues Buddha carved around the entrance and of the doorway .

The excavation site is readily seen in GE.
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Tara-Dakini, 10th cent.
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Ratnagiri belonged to the Vajrayana (esoteric) school of Buddhism. Its art is also connected to Java, due to marriage ties between their rulers.

Udayagiri, Orissa, Vajrayana Buddhist Site
th - 12th cent AD

Udayagiri (Orissa) Buddhist Monastery, 7th-12th century AD - Not to be confused with the Khandagiri-Udaygiri caves near Bubaneshvar
The history of Udayagiri Buddhist complex is not well known, however what is for sure is that it is not as old as Ratnagiri or Lalitgiri. Most probably, it existed and flourished between the 7th – 12th century. It is now known that the ancient name of the monastery here was Madhavapura Mahavihara. A large brick monastery together with a number of Buddhist sculptures has been unearthed. There is also another brick monastery which is still not excavated apart from an inscripted stepped stone well and rock cut sculptures. The last of these is located at the top of the hill.

Larger than life-sized, seated Buddha in the yard of the monastery.
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Like Ratnagiri this site was a late Vajrayana monastery.