Treasures of the Museums in Athens


The gold objects from the Archeological Museum were obtained by scanning and restoring slides bought there in 1991. All other images are my own photos..  - A reasoned catalogue was not available. The objects chosen correspond to my various interests.

National Archeological Museum, Athens

Gold Cups from Vaphio

Gold cup 1 from Vaphio, Catching a wild Bull (part of the royal ritual, see, e.g., the deeds of Heracles)

 Gold cup 1 from Vaphio

Gold cup 2 from Vaphio, Plowing the fields with a pair of Oxen (part of the royal ritual) The detailing of the human figure is remarkable.

 Gold cup 2 from Vaphio

 Objects from the graves in Mycene







Bronze mask in bull-head form, Mycene

Gold Mask from Mycene, 12th cent BC. (Schliemann's excavations)

The so-called "Mask of Agamemnon," Mycene, 12th cent BC, (Schliemann's excavation)



Creto-Mycenian Rings from Mycene(?) , much enlarged to show the detail

 Mycenian ring, 12th cent BC


 Two priestesses praying to a tree, the symbol of the Goddess, Mycenian-Minoan ring, Crete?, 14th-12th cent BC


 Mycenian-Minoan ring, Crete, 14th-12th cent BC


 Three priestesses the tree and the double axe, symbol of resurrection, Mycenian-Minoan ring, Crete, 14th-12th cent BC











Cycladic figures (Cycladic Idols) from the Islands

Cycladic Flute Player, Nat. Arch. Museum

The flute player, Nat. Arch. Museum

 The Harpist from Amorgos, Nat. Arch. Museum



Goulandris Museum of Hellenic and Clycadian Art

The room of the Cycladic Idols

"Cycladic Idols"

Two Cycladic Idols

The Drinker

The Hunter


Hellenic Clay Votive Figures from Boiotia, Goulandris Museum

"Hera" Votive figure from Boiotia, clay, ~ 15 cm

"Hera" Votive figure from Euboia, clay, ~13 cm


The Lalaounis Museum of Gold Jewelery

The Lalaounis Museum exhibits modern gold pieces made by this extraordinary Athenian gold smith and teacher in an exemplarily restored old Athenian house, just north of the entrance to the Acropolis. One of our favorite places in Athens. - Lalaounis used thematic forms from many cultures and ingeniously modified them for his purpose. Not everything is actually wearable (too large). - Photographing is not permitted....

Cosmic Gold Sculpture, ~12 cm diam.

Islamic or Buddhist Knot

Kufic Letters Necklace

Omega Necklace