The Photographs of
Dmitri Ivanovich Ermakov
1846 - 1916

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Dmitri Ivanovich Ermakov (RussianДмитрий Иванович Ермаков) (1846 – 1916) was a Russian photographer known for his series of the Caucasian photographs.

Ermakov was born in Tiflis to the Italian architect Luigi Caravaggio and a Georgian mother of Austrian descent. She remarried a Russian named Ermakov whose surname her son Dmitry took. Trained as a military topographer, he took part in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). He then ran a photographic business in Tiflis. He traveled extensively as far as Iran and took part in several archaeological expeditions in the Caucasus, leaving a series of unique photographs. Thousands of his negatives are now kept at the museums in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Wikipedia)

A longer text and a few photographs exist on the website of the Georgian Museum of Photography
(September 2010)

Since publishing the first version if my photo collection Dr. Tamás Sajó, Budapest, has called my attention to his web-blog on Ermakov with numerous additional photos from various sources. A well written biography accompanies the pictures. Dr. Sajo also refers to a digital gallery at the New York Public Library with 11 Ermakov photographs from the estate of George Kennan.

Finally a new search for Ermakov revealed the existance of over 200 images of varying quality at A selection of the best of these is now included in the second half of this webside.
(November 2010)

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